The Project
Citi Practice Jar is an investment simulator within the digital bank, an educational space for users to learn more about investing without the risk. This feature is intended to exist as an extension of the automatic savings program (Ways to Save) as a next step for users looking to do more with their idle saved money. Once users have gained confidence in the investing space, the ultimate goal is to open accounts in Citi investing tools.

I was responsible for ideation, determining user needs, and creating the initial concepts and wireframes for this project. Our design team worked alongside product and strategy teams.
The Research
I started this project with a Sprint 0 that included comparative research and user research. Our focus was on the cross-section between educational platforms and investment personalization.
The Concepts
After talking to 15 users with varying levels of investing experience and interest in investment education, the initial concepts aimed to embed different aspects of education throughout the experience to allow users to choose their moments and levels of education.
UX Design
Although the team was interested in including investment articles, regular advisory contributions from traders, and a community aspect, alas these things were not to be. The team scaled back and reshuffled the page a bit.
UI Design
Through several rounds of user testing, we learned that there was an appetite for this type of product  - however, in the end, the product was de-prioritized.